2014 Sun and Polaris Ephemerii 
for Land Surveyors (c) 2000-2014 jerry l. wahl

These  pages/files contain Sun and Polaris Ephemerii for the year 2014 suitable for use by land surveyors. These versions were generated by Jerry Wahl and verified by spot checks with the Astronomic Almanac and other sources. No warrantee is expressed or implied as to their accuracy or suitability for any specific purpose. These documents are offered as freeware. 

You are free to use and copy these documents for any personal or business use but not to charge or redistribute for any fee or use them in a commercial product. 

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Explanation of (some) Column Data Abbreviations


Month abbreviated
Day of the Month Number
Day of the Week Name abbreviated


All values are for 0h GMT aka UT1.

Declination: in degrees minutes and seconds  Note: negative values are south declination.

GHA: Greenwich Hour Angle in degrees minutes and seconds.

Eq o Time: EOT: Equation of Time in minutes and seconds.

Semi-DI: SD: Semi Diameter of the Sun in minutes and seconds.


All values are for 0h GMT aka UT1.

Declination: in degrees minutes and seconds.  Some users may use polar distance which is the angular complement of declination p - 90degrees minus declination.

GHA:  Greenwich Hour Angle in degrees minutes and seconds.

Upper: TUC:  Time of upper culmination or upper meridian passage.  This is redundant in the sense that it is derived from and used in the same way as the GHA already tabulated.  It is provided for the benefit of a few users who are familiar with it's use in preference to GHA.  Note: this is the time at Greenwich, and as such must be corrected to the longitude of the observer as well as for the time zone of the observer. 

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